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Your most fulfilling yoga experience awaits you with Yoga Your Way. Custom design a private or small group class session that meets the needs of your body and schedule.

The Future of Yoga! YOGA YOUR WAY

You create the session. We provide the Yoga expert.


Who says you have to follow the schedule? At Inner Light, we believe in following the guidance within ourselves. And when your Inner Light tells you what you need, we want you to tell us. Our unique YOGA YOUR WAY program allows you to custom-design a small-group class session that meets your needs. Strengthen your body, mind and soul with a specific program & invite all your favorite people to join you on a group adventure!

So how does it work? In just three easy steps, you’ll be on your way to YOGA FOR YOU!

Are you:

  • Always told you’re “too picky” about most things in life?
  • New to Yoga and want to find a non-intimidating way to begin?
  • Confident you know exactly what Yoga class you want to take-but it’s not on our schedule? Or it’s not at the right time?
  • Healing from an injury, procedure or illness that requires special physical accommodations?
  • Curious about an aspect of Yoga philosophy you’d like to personal guidance on?

Step 1:

You pick the type of yoga class you want to take (details below)

Step 2:

Pick your class length (60, 75 or 90 minutes), Day(s) and Time(s) that fit your schedule.

Step 3:

Split the cost with family and friends while enjoying your practice in a safe and friendly community!

Step 4:

Enjoy your Custom Designed Yoga Session. We will check in with you through out the session. Feel free to make any adjustments and requests throughout the session.

You create the session. We provide the Yoga expert.

There’s a world full of options to choose from. Some of our most popular include:

Yoga Classic: Traditional Classes Every Yogi Can Love

Perfect for:

Busy Mama’s, New Yogis, Yogis who like a lot of control over their session, Bike/Running Groups


Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle, Chair, Intro to Yoga, Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced


8 to 12 weeks


60 Minute: $99 | 75 Minute: $114 | 90 Minute: $129


Yoga Theme: $25/Class. Do you have a desire to Journey Through The Chakras? Have your Yoga practice Match your Dosha? Practice Yoga in honor with the moon cycles? Learn about the Elements as it pertains to Yoga? Dive Deep into any aspect of Yoga Philosophy? We can add a theme to your class. This includes Education around the chosen theme and a Yoga Practice with specially selected postures, breathwork and meditations to accompany the theme.

Yoga Rx: Therapeutic Practice For Bodily, Mental and Spiritual Healing

Perfect for:

Yogis with Specific health conditions who would like to use Yoga to support their wellness. Yogi‘s healing from surgery, procedure or illness. Individuals undergoing counseling or therapy, anyone who’s sorting through big life events


Cancer Care, Back Care, Arthrisits, Osteoperosis, Anatomical Focus, Anxiety, Knee Care, Wrist Care, Healthy Weight


8 to 12 weeks


60 Minute: $129 | 75 Minute: $149 | 90 Minute: $169

Don’t wait! Your most fulfilling yoga experience awaits you with YOGA YOUR WAY. Design Your Class Now* or Contact Us for help designing the perfect instruction.

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