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Get Certified with Integrative Yoga Therapy, A 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program Approved by Yoga Alliance

Integrative Yoga Therapy at Inner Light Yoga Studios

We believe the that when a Yoga student is matched with the correct class level, style of yoga & a high-quality teacher, that Yoga is therapeutic & transformational.
We believe that yoga is for every body, and a Yoga teacher’s ideal role to be helping individuals of every size, age and ability level reconnect with the wholeness that’s deep inside themselves.
We believe in the power of making the ancient practice of Yoga applicable to the Modern Yogi. We use the 5 Kosha's as our framework for understanding human health & wellness and learn ancient and modern Yoga tools to support all 5 Koshas.
5 Koshas: Physical Body, Energy Body, Mental Body, Wisdom Body & Bliss Body


- To minimize unnecessary exposure, our weekends will include 1 day virtual & 1 day in-person.

- In-person will include social distancing & follow state mandates for masks.

- Full virtual option will be available for students who have been exposed to COVID or are experiencing symptoms. 

- We are prepared to go full virtual if a mandated shutdown occurs. 

- Class size will be limited, so we are encouraging students to register in advance. 

Our Students

IS OUR PROGRAM RIGHT FOR YOU? IYT at Inner Light Yoga Studios is a 200 RYT Teacher Training Program that teaches yoga as a form of emotional, spiritual and physical healing. Students learn to teach Yoga for a wide range of complementary settings, including health care and Yoga classes for the general public. This program is open to anyone with a basic foundation in Yoga and is especially suitable for body-workers, health care professionals, therapists and anyone with a desire to teach this ancient healing art.

Applicants must have a minimum 1 Year Yoga Experience.
Preferably in the form of classes taught by a certified teacher.

This program may be perfect for you if you identify as:

The Future Yoga Teacher

Yogi's who are excited to learn how to teach Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga for every body type, many levels and multiple populations. 

The Yoga Enthusiast

Yogis who Love Yoga and are eager to deepen their practice and understanding of Yoga and do not have a desire to teach Yoga. 

The Professional Therapist

Yogi's who have experienced the transformational power of Yoga and desire to add Yoga Techniques to their Therapy Modality. Our program has attracted Physical Therapists, Psychotherapists, Counselors, Nurses, Doctors, Art Therapists, and Speech Therapists. 

The Yoga Teacher Who Loves to Learn

People who already have completed a 200 hour training program but are eager to deepen their teaching skills and knowledge through a second training program. 

Our Instructors

All of the instructors in our program are seasoned yoga professionals who believe in the Inner Light of every person. They are committed to sharing the healing practice of Yoga within our community. Their advanced Yoga studies have taken them across the country and beyond to study with some of Yoga’s most inspiring teachers. Now, they are excited to share what they have learned from years of practice, study and teaching Yoga through our amazing program.

Our School

We offer a comprehensive approach that teaches new and seasoned yoga instructors how to integrate traditional Yoga practices including asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation, chakras, the elements, ancient texts, chanting, Yoga Nidra, and more into a Yoga class or private session. Special focus is given to rekindling the Inner Light within each student so they can live out the balance and bliss we are each meant to have.

Our Curriculum

The IYT curriculum is full integrated and covers every aspect of yoga instruction:

Module 1: History of Yoga & Intro to Integrative Yoga Therapy
Module 2: Yoga Teaching Essentials, Sequencing & Teaching Beginner Populations
Module 3: Chakras, Healing Energy & Teaching Intermediate Populations
Module 4: Philosophy, Yoga Sutras, Meditation & Hands on Assists
Module 5: Anatomy & Teaching Mixed Level Populations
Module 6: The 5 Koshas, Hands on Assists & The Business of Yoga
Module 7: Pranayamas, Pranavayus & Restorative Yoga
Module 8: Yoga Texts, Inversions & Teaching Advanced Populations
Module 9: Ayurveda, The Elements, & Bhakti Yoga
Module 10: Special Audiences, Modifications & Props


2021: 10 Month Program

Module 1 must be taken 1st.

Classes are 8a-6p on Saturday & Sunday

Module 1:

  • February 27-28, 2021

Module 2:

  • March 20-21, 2021

Module 3:

  • June 26-27, 2021

Module 4:

  • May 22-23, 2021

Module 5:

  • April 24-25, 2021

Module 6:

  • July 24-25, 2021

Module 7:

  • August 28-29, 2021

Module 8:

  • September 25-26, 2021

Module 9:

  • October 23-24, 2021

Module 10:

  • November 20-21, 2021


$3300. $100 (non-refundable) Application Fee + $3200.

$200 discount given to WAC, Recreation Center, and YMCA Employees/Teachers


$100 Application Fee

$1600 due at acceptance.

$1600 due by July 15.

$100 Application Fee
$550: Module 1
$350/Module: ModuleS 2-10

Contact the studio with any questions. We look forward to meeting you and guiding you through this transformational journey!


1. APPLICATION: Complete the training Application online by clicking 'Enroll Now' on this web page.

2. LETTER of RECOMMENDATION: Submit 1 Letter of Recomendation via email to InnerLightYogaStudios@gmail.com. The letter can be from anyone who can speak to your love of Yoga and ability to follow through with commitments.

3. $100 APPLICATION FEE. The non-refundable Application Fee can be paid via the link at the bottom of this page. The fee is applied towards tuition.

4. INTERVIEW. After we have received your application, letter of recommendation & application fee, we will contact you to schedule an interview.

5. TUITION. Once you have been accepted into the program, a tuition payment will secure your spot.

IMPORTANT. All applicants are required to read our Course Catalog to become familiar with student expecations and program details. [Download our School Catalog here]

ABOUT US: Inner Light Yoga Studios seeks to help every individual rediscover and cherish the wholeness with themselves. We help busy householders and yoga instructors of every size, shape and ability reconnect with this sense wholeness, which we all hold deep inside, but without the practice of yoga, tend to forget or overlook. 

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Why does our program use the term “therapy?”

The Yoga Community frequently debates how the word “therapy” applies to our practice. In essence, whenever a student is matched with the appropriate style of Yoga and an exceptional teacher, all Yoga is therapeutic in nature. But in particular, IYT (Integrative Yoga Therapy) and our training program use the Five Koshas as a foundation for guiding high quality, well- rounded Yoga practices. The koshas are part of a distinctive therapeutic approach we take that is separate from the general therapeutic qualities of yoga.

Why? The word kosha can be translated as “sheaths” or “bodies”. It is the understanding that every individual has a 1) physical body, 2) energy body, 3) mental body, 4) wisdom body and 5) bliss body. Well balanced Yoga practices nurture and feed all five of these bodies.

Most busy modern individuals are not aware of these multiple bodies within themselves. As teachers, it’s up to us to help guide our students into a real experience with and awareness of their koshas. 

In our program, kosha work includes:

Smart Sequencing: The proper order of pose placement with in a class, how to sequence a class with a peak pose or for an area of the physical body. How to sequence classes for beginner to advanced populations. 

In depth Pose breakdown: Deepen your understanding of safe & effective Yoga Postures. Understanding how to modify physical postures for varying physical conditions and body types. Explore the “kramas” of each posture, how to take the traditional Yoga Posture and make in more or less intense based on the population you will be teaching. 

Anatomy of your Energy Body: Education about sequences and instruction in how to sequence with regard to the Energy Anatomy, including Chakras & Pranavayus. Learn which postures activate which chakra and pranavayu. 

Pranayama (Breath Techniques): This includes personal breath work exploration, learning the physical/emotional effects of varying breath techniques, how to incorporate pranayama into classes and how to teach pranayama. 

Mudra (Yogic Hand Gestures): Mudras are Yoga Postures for your hands. Similar to full body asanas such as Warrior 1. Mudras can have profound effects on the physical, emotional and mental body. This training includes personal mudra exploration, learning the physical/emotional effects of varying mudras, how to incorporate mudras into classes and how to teach mudra. 

Yoga Philosophy: We will explore two foundation texts from the Yoga Tradition, The Yoga Sutras and the Gita, and learn how the teachings from these ancient’s texts are applicable to living a life filled with ease and joy in the modern world. 

Meditation: Develop your personal meditation practice. Receive access to over 100 dfferent guided meditations. Practice and learn how to deliver or create your own Yoga Nidra. 

Yoga Teaching Pedagogy: Learn how to teach Yoga. Develop your “teacher voice”, learn and practice how to effectively deliver good physical and energy cues, practice teach every part of a traditional Yoga class and discuss common issues Yoga teachers encounter. 

Yoga Alliance Registered School

Inner Light Yoga Studios reserves the right to decline working with clients & populations that are outside of our scope of practice.

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