Class Descriptions & Levels

Inner Light Yoga Studios seeks to help every individual rediscover and cherish the wholeness with in themselves through balanced Yoga Practices taught by exceptional Yoga Experts. All levels, sizes and shapes are welcome to join in transformational Yoga Practice. We offer 6 distinct classes to provide a well rounded Yoga experience.

Class Descriptions

Flow & Hold

From Frenetic to FANTASTIC.

Perfect for:

  • Multi-Taskers who desire the ability to “chill out”, but struggle with a busy mind.
  • Bodies looking to regain or maintain mobility, strength & ease.

When the Modern Body meets the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga, transformation is inevitable. This class mindfully moves from DYNAMIC, flowing postures to bring heat and nourishment to our muscles and joints, to STATIC postures to release deep seated imbalances to STILLNESS or savasana, a calming time of relaxation.  The thoughtful combination of these practices invites the whole body back to homeostasis, our easeful & naturally balanced state of being. Come and experience how great Yoga can feel in your BODY.

Blissful Hatha Blend

Tension Tamer

Perfect for:

  • Bodies looking to regain or maintain mobility, strength & ease.  
  • Students who enjoy time to breath in each posture

Learn to thrive in the body you have as you strengthen from the inside out.  This class is a special blend of Hatha, Gentle Flow, Restorative Yoga & accessible Meditation Techniques designed to ease the physical and mental tension that accumulates throughout the day. Perfect for beginners as well as the advanced yoga practitioner looking to compliment a more intense practice. 

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls." Joseph Campbell

Wisdom Flow

Yoga with a message.

Perfect for:

  • The curious Yogi who enjoys learning about Yoga while practicing Yoga.
  • Bodies looking to regain or maintain mobility, strength & ease.

Come and enjoy smart Yoga sequencing designed to release the common imbalances in the modern body. While the physical body unwinds, the thought body is treated to a themed class increasing one’s knowledge and embodiment of Yoga philosophy and/or the understanding of one’s energy body. Themes include (but are not limited to) the Chakras, Koshas, Yoga Sutras, the Elements and mindful intention setting. Body, Mind & Soul will all be recharged and balanced.

Fit & Flow

Loosen Up, Lighten Up, Cheer Up

Perfect for:

  • Athletes:  Runners, Bikers 
  • People who struggle with sitting still.
  • Athletes looking to release and lengthen muscles.

If you love to move, then this dynamic Yoga flow is perfect for you. Mindfully connecting Yoga postures to breath makes this class a moving meditation that aids in the lengthening of muscles and the reduction of muscular tension. Melt off stress, increase stamina and zap away foggy-brain with this flowing Yoga practice.

Yin & Restorative Yoga

Replenish. The antidote for Fatigue.

Perfect for:

  • Relieving the tired or exhausted mind.
  • Deep Release of physical tensions through gentle yoga postures

Invite peace and solitude into your life through this beautiful practice. Yin yoga is a quiet practice designed to create deep releases within in our connective tissues or fascia. The body creates openness in connective tissue differently than through muscle tissue, making this class the perfect complement to a hatha or flow Yoga practice. All poses are floor based (seated, kneeling or reclined) and are held for 3-5 minutes. This practice is suitable for any level. Blankets, bolsters and blocks are used for added comfort and support. Yoga Nidra is systematic form of relaxation or guided meditation. 20 Minutes of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 3 hours of sleep.


We level all of our classes to ensure you find yourself in the perfect class for you! Our levels are as follows...

Level 1

Perfect for a Yoga newbie or student looking for a gentle, rejuvenating practice. A slower paced class taught with an emphasis on proper alignment and healthy breath. No Experience Necessary!

Level 1/2

A moderately paced class, perfect for students of all levels, including beginners

Level 2

An intermediate class for students with prior Yoga experience. Recommended that students are comfortable with with rudimentary Yoga Postures such as Warrior 1 & 2, Down Dog, & Cobra.

Level 2+

For students interested in exploring advanced postures. A Level 2 class that includes the breakdown of 1-3 advanced postures. Options will be given, so students can find the depth of posture that is just right for them. Not suitable for beginners.

All Levels

Suitable for all levels. Beginners Welcome.


Therapeutic classes are for people who are looking for a gentle yoga class with a slow and healing pace. The class is perfect for someone who is looking to begin a Yoga practice, healing their body from an injury or illness, struggles with getting up and down from the ground or chair, or simply desires a deeply relaxing and mellow class. Offered only through YOGA YOUR WAY.