Children with Special Needs

Private yoga for children with special needs is something that makes Inner Light Yoga Studios unique!

Because YOUR CHILD has unique needs

Private Yoga Sessions might be right for your child if you would like assistance with...

BODY AWARENESS: We utilize yoga and therapy-based grounding activities to help students mindfully be in their bodies, promoting presence. 

INDEPENDENCE: We teach and practice empowering and consent driven messaging such as, "Your body, your choice," and continually draw connection between posture and how it's experienced in the body.    

SELF-REGULATION: The use of breath-work techniques, mindfulness activities, and through modeling social skills, we flex the self-help memory muscles and increase one's practical off the mat self-help skills.

One-on-one OR care-giver attended 30 minute sessions enable us to be especially adaptable while meeting your child where they are on a given day. 

Contact the studio to set up a complimentary meet and greet with Rose to see if this is a good fit for your special family!

Private Yoga for Children with Special Needs: 30 minute Pricing

Single 30 Minute Session


Four 30 Minute Sessions


Intial Meet & Greet Consult

Trip Charge: $10-$15

Private Yoga for Children with Special Needs: 45 minute Pricing

Single 45 minute session


Three 45 Minute Sessions


Initial Meet $ Greet Consult

Trip Charge: $10-$15

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