Child, Family, Teen Classes

Teach your children to cherish the wholeness within themselves. Through Yoga Inspired games and activities children learn valuable life strategies to bring BALANCE to their body, mind & emotions.

Why is YOGA great for ALL Kids?

Yoga for the Athlete

Sports can be demanding on the body resulting in injuries, over-worked muscle groups, and tightness with in the body. Yoga is the perfect activity to help your child-athlete increase total body strength while regaining flexibility and joint range of motion. 

Yoga for the Perfectionist

Yoga is the perfect activity for your child to channel their strong work ethic through a positive, nurturing activity. A key foundational concept to Yoga is to be the best person you can be while embracing & being honest with your true strengths & weaknesses, with being kind and forgiving to ourselves, and without influence from the Ego. 

Yoga for the Computer Fanatic

Does your child spend their entire school day hunched over in a desk at school and a good portion of their evenings & weekends hunched over a computer at home? If so, your child is likely to already be experiencing stiffness & pain in their neck, shoulders, & spine as well as atrophy & limited range of motion in their leg & hip muscles. A well-rounded Yoga practice will bring strength back to your child’s spine and core, realign shoulder joints, and bring strength and movement back to our feet, legs, & hips. 

Yoga for the Musician, Artist, or Video Gamer

Repetitive motions can create stressors on our bodies resulting in ailments such as carpel tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. Yoga can be a preventative and fun activity for your child to stretch & strengthen these over worked joints & muscles. 

Weekly Classes: Elementary & Preschool

Private Yoga for children with special needs

Weekend Workshops

Yoga in YOUR School & High Interest Day

Kids Birthday Party

Brownie & Girl Scout Troops

Weekly Classes: Elementary & Preschool

“Time spent playing with children is never wasted” -Dawn Lantero

Preschool aged children are a special breed. Unless you mastered in silly songs & character voices or got your PHD in patience, caring for your preschooler can be tough.

Might we suggest an activity designed to be fun, healthy & educational for you and your child?

In Yoga Stories & Songs, you and your child will enjoy singing songs, movement, stories and yoga activities designed to promote literacy, gross motor function and bonding.

THE BEST PART, all you have to do is show up and we will plan the rest.

This class is geared towards children ages 3-6. Siblings are welcome. Caregiver must attend class with child.

Mondays from 10:45-11:30a

Girls will embrace their inner light and power during this fun and inspirational camp experience! They will build upon their physical and emotional strength while identifying a solid sense of self through the practice of yoga and mindfulness based activities, share circles and projects!

We recognize in our young girls the need for teaching self-care and positive body image while encouraging healthy friendships and authenticity. We want our girls to know that they have everything they need already inside of themselves! Our camp will focus and foster just that - their inner light! We'll laugh, play, and encourage girls to be free and celebrate one another. Perfect for girls in grades 1-6.

Mondays from 4:15-5:15pm 

*An Adult Class is offered at the same time as the Elementary Yoga Class. 

Boys have the studio to themselves to enjoy a fun, lighthearted yoga adventure! We’ll forget about being quiet and embrace young boys for who they are: full of discovery, laughter and wonder while playing energic yoga games, working on beginner breath techniques, and building new friendships!

Each week will feature a different theme geared to embrace the silliness, laughter, and common interests that comes with being a young boy. We recognize that boys need self-regulation techniques, flexibility, and confidence building as much as young girls, but also believe that approaching yoga and mindfulness foundational teaching in a diverse way can help de-stigmatize yoga as a girl’s activity and help our beautiful young boys develop these life skills while celebrating their authentic selves!

Wednesdays, 4:30-5:15pm

SPECIAL PRICING: Teen Yogi’s receive special pricing on classes!
$12 Drop In, 5 Class Package: $54 & 10 Class Package: $99 (Must be purchased in-studio)

BRING YOUR TEEN 2 FOR $20: Bring your teen to class with you at the special rate of $20 for the pair. Purchase in-studio

Private Yoga for children with special needs


Private Yoga for children with Special Needs:

Private yoga for students with special needs is something that makes our studio unique! 

BODY AWARENESS: We utilize yoga and therapy-based grounding activities to help students mindfully be in their bodies, promoting presence. 

INDEPENDENCE: We teach and practice empowering and consent driven messaging such as, "Your body, your choice," and continually draw connection between posture and how it's experienced in the body.    

SELF-REGULATION: The use of breath-work techniques, mindfulness activities, and through modeling social skills, we flex the self-help memory muscles and increase one's practical off the mat self-help skills.

One-on-one OR care-giver attended 30 minute sessions enable us to be especially adaptable while meeting your child where they are on a given day. 

Please contact the studio to set up a complimentary meet and greet with Rose to see if this is a good fit for your special family!   

$40 for 30 minute session

Weekend Workshops

A separate class for child & adult! Kids are treated to age appropriate yoga class that fosters healthy bodies, creativity and fun while parents get their zen on in a separate room with an adult yoga class.
ELEMENTARY KIDS ages 5-11: Saturday 8:30-9:45, 10/20 & 11/17
PRESCHOOL KIDS ages 3-6: Sunday 9-10a, 10/21, 11/4 & 12/2
$20/pair, $10/additional participant, Kid-Only: $12
-Register 24 hours in advance-

Girls grades 1st-6th embrace their Inner Light and power during this fun and inspirational afternoon workshop experience!

We recognize the need to teach our girls self-care and positive body image! We understand firsthand the importance of healthy friendships and authenticity. Free from the hustle and structure of school, our girls will strengthen their ability to laugh and play, and to find calm from within! It’s time our girls know they have everything they need already inside of themselves! 

Our afternoon workshop will focus and foster our beautiful daughters Inner Light. Girls will build upon their physical and emotional strength while identifying a solid sense of self through the practice of yoga and mindfulness-based activities, a share circle and art project! 

11/3 1:30-4:30pm

$25 each. If you sign up with a friend, you each pay $20!

-Register 24 hours in advance-

Mindful Family Time Workshop
The balancing act of school and activities can make having fun with your child and bonding a challenge. Family time is hard to come by, much less mindful family time! 

During this workshop we'll…

· Weave together yoga/mindful movement while incorporating family fun, and bonding. 

· Practice simple & effective techniques families can bring off the mat and into the home. 

 Perfect for elementary aged children. Siblings of all ages welcome (prefer adult to kid ratio max of 3-1).

$20 a pair, additional children $10 each.

11/17 1:30-2:30

-Register 24 hours in advance-

Yoga in YOUR School & High Interest Day

BE THE CHANGE. Parents & educators frequently comment about how over-scheduled our children are and that anxiety disorders in children are at an all-time high…but what are we doing to CHANGE THIS?

Relaxation, stress management & mindfulness are learned skills, as in they must be practiced to be learned & integrated.

When we hit pause for a moment on math, soccer or play practice and teach our children how to slow down, be present & care for their bodies, the result is focus, fact retention, joyfulness & contentment.

Allow Inner Light Yoga Studios to bring high quality, age appropriate Yoga or mindfullness classes into your school! Learn the basics of Yoga, Meditation and Relaxation from a trained and certified Yoga instructor. We can provide fun/general Yoga classes or cater the class to themes being covered in class such as nature, concentration, stress management, flexibility or self-esteem. 

Single Class: $85
1/2 Day (Up to 4 Classes): $150
Full Day (Up to 8 Classes): $275
BEST VALUE: Reoccurring Weekly Class: $75/Class 

Tell us a little more about you and we will contact you for a 10 minute phone consult to ensure our service is a good match for your needs.

Kids Birthday Party

Celebrate your Birthday or special occasion with a fun, healthy and interactive Yoga Party. Children will enjoy non-competitve Yoga games and activities. Activities will be geared towards the age of your child.

$149/75 minute Party (Maximum of 15 Children) Rent Studio for Gift Opening: $25/30 minutes 

Tell us a little more about your party and we can help you get started.

Brownie & Girl Scout Troops

Bring your troop to the studio for a heart centered Yoga class filled with girl power, fun & friendship.

$10/student for a 1 hour class (option to earn a badge). Minimum of 8 students required
We come to you: $15 trip charge
MOST POPULAR! Set up 2 classes/month at the studio with your troop 

Tell us a little more about you and we will contact you for a 10 minute phone consult to ensure our service is a good match for your needs.