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Do you desire…

More energy?

Relief from the stress brought on by work, parenting & life?

To feel relaxed and comfortable in your physical body?

Then committing to a Yoga practice 1-3 times per week is the right fit for you!

All you need to do is visit us and we will do the rest.

Our instructors are fully trained, care about improving your quality of life through Yoga and believe Yoga is for everyBODY.

New to Yoga?

Our students describe our studios atmosphere as welcoming, uplifting, non-judgmental and comforting. We Believe that everyBODY—not matter their weight, shape or physicality– is already perfect and whole and invite you to rekindle your Inner Light through our Exceptional Yoga Classes.

Seasoned Yogi?

We embrace the ancient Yoga practices and tailor them to the needs of the modern body & mind so that all can find greater joy, balance and wellness in their busy lives. We provide well balanced Yoga Classes designed to nourish the Whole Self: Body, Mind & Heart. 

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The Story of the Inner Light

The name Inner Light recalls to a story told in yoga circles: “Once upon a time, all the gods were frustrated with humanity, so they stole their divinity, trying to decide where to hide it.” 

One suggested the bottom of the ocean. Another, the far flung reaches of outer space. Finally, a third suggested that the divine light be hidden with mankind—for “they will never find it there.” 

The image of the Light speaks to the insight of this tale, and to our belief that yoga is a path of peeling back the layers of ourselves and finding that we truly are whole and perfect within. 

Our Inner Light burns true, regardless of our exterior size, shape or physical ability.

Current Specials

Bring a Buddy to Yoga Promo!

We've been teaching Yoga for close to 10 years. Want to know the secret that many students use to commit to their Yoga practice? ....A Yoga Buddy! 

That's right. You've heard this before, but people who have a Yoga Buddy are more likely to commit to the plan, motivate each other and have fun.

Whether it's your spouse, sister, BFF or cubicle buddy, check out our schedule, pick a Yoga Buddy class and register today!

Investment: $15/pair 

Added Bonus: Both Participants will receive $11 off a 5 Class Package! 

Yoga Newbie:

Interested in Yoga but nervous to take that first class? Grab your spouse, sister or BFF and give yoga a try! 

Sunday, February 26 from 4:30-5:45pm with Connie 

Wednesday, March 1 from 6-7pm with Jenny

Saturday, April 1 from 10-11:15am with Lynn 

Monday, April 3 from 4:30-5:30pm with Tiffany

Intermediate Yogi:

Struggle sticking to Health & Wellness Commitments? Bring a friend and join us on the mat! 

Monday, March 6 from 6-7pm with Forest

Tuesday, April 4 from 6-7:15pm with Angela D.

Seasoned Yogi:

Just can't seem to budget enough "me-time" into your schedule? Call your yoga buddies and meet on the mat! 

Thursday, March 2 from 6:15-7:30pm with Molly 

Saturday, March 25 from 8:30-9:45am with Ryan

Terms & Conditions: At least one member of the pair must be brand new to this studio.

Start Taking Classes Today!

Inner Light Yoga Studios offers over 20 Adult Classes per week. You can begin taking classes at any time!

Regardless of age and physical ability ALL can find greater joy, balance and wellness in their busy lives through a practice of Yoga.

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Teach Yoga For The Whole Person

Get Certified with Integrative Yoga Therapy, A 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program Approved by Yoga Alliance

So you want to become a yoga instructor, or enhance your current teaching practice? At Inner Light Yoga Studios, we love helping every individual rediscover and cherish the wholeness within themselves … including those who teach yoga! We offer the internationally recognized pioneer Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) program, which blends ancient Yoga insights with wisdom from modern wellness.

Our school concentrates on helping you cultivate your body, mind and spirit, and those of your students, through a balanced teaching practice

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The Future of Yoga! YOGA YOUR WAY

You create the session. We provide the Yoga expert.

Your most fulfilling yoga experience awaits you with Yoga Your Way. Custom design a private or small group class session that meets the needs of your body and schedule.

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